Gender Spectrum
"…gender-expansive students, gender diverse students, and straight allies still face a lot of fear and discrimination. I want all of these students to know that they are not alone." -
 Rep. Sam Farr speaking about this month’s National Day of Silence.

So much of our work happens with families, schools, and classrooms - Joel Baum talks about a recent gender transition story and the importance of openness and acceptance.

Judithe Registre: I’m just going to add though there’s one story. The story is that you feel pain, I feel pain, we hunger, there is one human story. Seven million people and one thing I’ve been fascinated by, whether I move across different countries around the world, that people have the same desire: to be respected, to live with human dignity. That is one story. And if we can remember that one story, the 56 stories become meaningful. If we can’t remember that one story, the 56 stories is meaningless.

For gender-expansive kids, birth certificates can cause a multitude of issues. In California, this is starting to change.

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